What are my goals for Geekdance?

by Maya on November 24, 2008

I do understand that I have set out to do something that I have never seen done before. I am openly sharing my business idea on this blog with some very specific goals and I would like to share them right here – at the get go. When I see how much online communities are doing these days by collaborating and helping each other, I get a sense that this experiment will be wildly successful!

So, before I go any further, I would like to clarify what my goals are for Geekdance : the blog

What is Geekdance?

Geekdance is the journey of my start-up. It is a blog. And a space for sharing. And it is a two way lane.

My goals for Geekdance:

  • To learn from and connect with other business people
  • To reach out to writers, illustrators, parents, grandparents and basically any inspired storyteller to learn about their needs, wants and dreams.
  • To document my decisions and record my startup journey
  • To think aloud and have a conversation (inspired by the cluetrain manifesto)

If you want to know more about my start-up business, please refer to this post:

My request to you:

Geekdance, the blog: Participate. Participate in either of these areas – where ever your interest lies. It will be a great journey! Drop me a note letting me know what you think and share your ideas. If you like what you see here, share it on one or more of the social media sites. Spread the word.

If you are a parent/author/writer or illustrator and would like to participate in the beta for Memetales, send me an email at m@thinkmaya.com or fill the contact form.

Creative Commons License photo credit: hunting.glee

  • http://www.jungleoflife.com Lance

    This all sounds very cool Maya.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens here. 

  • http://www.geekdance.com Maya

    Lance,Thank you. I am well on my way to making this a reality – I hope to continue to believe in myself and make this happen :)I really appreciate you stopping by a leaving a note!

  • http://trainforhumanity.org mark_hayward

    Maya – best of luck in your new venture…I am sure it will be a huge success. :)

  • http://bloggingwithoutablog.com Barbara Swafford – Blogging Without A Blog

    Hi Maya – What a neat idea.  I know you’ll do great as you have the right attitude.  How fun it will be to follow you on this special journey.  I wish you all of life’s best. 

  • http://www.shadesofcrimson.com Davina

    Hi Maya.
    Good luck on this adventure. I really like this new home of yours!

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